When and where to see Carrion Films

Until our animated horrors are unleashed on DVD / Blu-ray here’s a guide to how to catch them at a festival.

BR: Borley Rectory  HH : The Hairy Hands  SS : The Screaming Skull   SC : Scayrecrow 

borley rectory reece shearsmith2018

Molins Horror Film Festival, Barcelona : Nov 9th – 18th. ‘Borley Rectory’ (BR) TBC

Freakshow, Orlando, Florida : Oct 19th – 21st ‘Borley Rectory’ (BR) TBC

H P Lovecraft Film Festival, Portland : Oct 5th – 7th  ‘Borley Rectory’ (BR) TBC

ShriekFest, Los Angeles : Oct 4th – 7th  ‘Borley Rectory’ (BR) TBC

Chicago Horror Fest, Chicago : Sep 22nd – 24th ‘Borley Rectory’ (BR) TBC

Fantastic Fest, Austin, Texas : Sep 20th – 27th ‘Borley Rectory’ (BR) TBC

Raindance, London : Sep 19th – 30th ‘Borley Rectory’ (BR) TBC

ASSAP Conference, Manchester Conference Centre : 1st Sep. ‘Borley Rectory’ plus guest Q & A (BR)

Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival, Hong Kong : June 2oth. ‘Borley Rectory’ (BR)

Plymouth Film Festival, Plymouth, Devon : June 2 – 3. ‘Borley Rectory’ (BR)

HorrorCon UK, Sheffield : May 19th – 20th ‘Borley Rectory’ preview plus Q & A (BR)

Paracinema, Derby Quad : May 5th ‘Borley Rectory’ plus guest Q & A (BR) TBC

Sci-Fi London, London : May 3rd – 10th ‘Borley Rectory’ (BR) TBC

Wymering Manor, Portsmouth : Apr 16th – 20th. ‘Borley Rectory’ (BR)

Chattanooga Film Festival, Tennessee : Apr 5th – 8th. ‘Borley Rectory’ (BR) TBC

Brussells International Film Festival, Brussells : Apr 3rd. ‘Borley Rectory’ (BR) TBC

Newcastle Film Festival, Newcastle : Mar 29th – Apr 1st ‘Borley Rectory’ (BR) TBC

WierdFest, Eau Claire, Wisconsin : Mar 9th – 11th. ‘Borley Rectory’ (BR)

‘Borley Rectory & Other Hauntings’, Kuria Live, Arnolfini, Bristol: Feb 18th. ‘Borley Rectory’ exclusive clip (BR)

The Ghost Club, Special invite only event, London : Feb 17th. ‘Borley Rectory’ (BR)

‘Hometown screening’ 2 Exeter Phoenix, Exeter: Feb 6th. ‘Borley Rectory’ plus special guest Q & A (BR)


Night of Horror Festival, Sydney: Dec 3rd. ‘Borley Rectory’ (BR)

Buried Alive FilmFest, Atlanta: Nov 18th. ‘Borley Rectory’ (BR)

‘Hometown screening’ 1 Exeter Phoenix, Exeter: Nov 10th. ‘Borley Rectory’ plus special guest Q & A (BR)

HorrorRama, Toronto: Nov 4th. ‘Borley Rectory’ special screening hosted by Chris Alexander (BR)telluride horror_borley_rectory

Buffalo Dreams, Buffalo New York: Nov 3rd. ‘Borley Rectory’ (BR)

28th Fantastic Films, Manchester: Oct 21st. ‘Borley Rectory’ screening plus special guest Q & A ‘Borley Rectory’ (BR)

Folk Horror Revival : Unseelie Court, Edinburgh: Oct 21st. Borley Rectory’ plus special guest Q & A (BR)

Dead of Night, Atkinson Cinema, Southport: Oct 20th. ‘Borley Rectory’ (BR)

Celluloid Screams, Sheffield: Oct 20th. ‘Borley Rectory’ plus special guest Q & A (BR)

Cinemagic, Belfast: Oct 14th. ‘Borley Rectory’ plus Q & A (BR)

Telluride Horror Show, Colorado: Oct 13th -15th. ‘Borley Rectory’ (BR) US PREMIERE

thGrimm Up North, Manchester: Oct 8th ‘Borley Rectory’ plus


Cast & Crew screening, Secret Location London : Sep 23rd ‘Borley Rectory’ (BR) ADVANCED VIP SCREENING



tales_of_halloween_ver2_xlgFantasia International Festival: July 24th. World Premiere ‘Tales of Halloween’ – animated opening title sequenceby Ashley Thorpe and scored by Lalo Schifrin.

Film itself is released on multiple platforms October 16th.

Denver Comic Con: May 24th. Screening of ‘Scayrecrow’, ‘The Screaming Skull’ & ‘The Hairy Hands’. (SC,SS,HH)

‘English Gothic’ new edition launch: May 22nd, Cinema Museum, London. Exclusive UK preview of new ‘Borley Rectory’ sequence with after screening discussion with Jonathan Rigby & Reece Shearsmith (BR)

World Horror Con: May 7th – May 10th, Atlanta, U.S. Exclusive new clip (BR)



Two Short Nights, Exeter Phoenix: December 11th / 12th. UK preview of new ‘Borley Rectory’ sequence (BR)

Celluloid Screams : October 24th 2014. Exclusive UK preview of new ‘Borley Rectory’ sequence (BR)

BFI Gothic screening of ‘The Haunting’: January 24th 2014 The Black Swan, York. Support shorts (SS, BR Trailer)



Radio 4 ‘Darker Sides? : December 16th onwards. Part of the British Library / BBC ‘The Listening Project’.

Cinemagic, Belfast: November 25th 2013 (In discussion + screening HH)

‘Dead Man’s Shoes’, Tales From Beyond the Pale Live: 

Download released September 13th 2013.

Fantastiq, Derby Quad: Friday 9th August –

Sunday 11th August 2013 (SC, SS, HH + Borley Rectory preview)



‘Dead Man’s Shoes’, Tales From Beyond the Pale Live, Dixon Place, New York: October 9th 2012

FEARnet: commencing September 23rd 2012 (SC)

FEARnet: commencing September 3rd 2012 (SS)

FEARnet: commencing July 23rd 2012 (HH)



Two Short Nights, Exeter Phoenix, Devon UK: 2nd December 2011 (SS)

Two Short Nights, Exeter Phoenix, Devon UK: 1st December 2011 (Borley Rectory Teaser UK Premiere)

Little Terrors, Toronto, Canada: 22nd November 2011 (HH)

Buried Alive! Film Festival, Atlanta, USA: 12th November 2011 (Borley Rectory preview – World Premiere)

The Halifax Ghost Story Festival, Crossley Gallery, Halifax: 12th November 2011 (HH)

Experiments in Terror!, Arts Exchange / Paul Robeson Theatre, Atlanta, USA: 27th October 2011 (SS)

Celluloid Screams, Showroom Cinema, Sheffield, UK: 21st – 23rd October 2011 (HH)

Little Terrors, Toronto, Canada: 18th October 2011 (SC)

Little Terrors, Toronto, Canada: 20th September 2011 (SS)

Grand Rapids Art Museum – Grand Rapids Art Museum, Michigan, USA: 26 August 2011 (HH)

Play On Con IV, Birmingham Alabama, USA: July 29 – Monday, August 1, 2011. (SC, SS)

Fantastic Films Weekend, National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, Bradford: June 2011  (HH, SS, SC) & Q & A session.

‘Philip Nutman’s Nightmares’, Pikes Peak, Colorado: May 2011 (SC, SS, HH)

‘The Hairy Hands’ – Tavistock Wharf, Devon: April 26th 2011 (HH)

Tales From Beyond the Pale – ‘The Demon Huntsman(Radio broadcast), New York / i-Tunes : January 11th 2011.



Cine, Exeter Phoenix, Exeter Devon: Dec 12th, 2010 (SC) & Q & A

Buried Alive Film Festival, Atlanta (Philip Nutman Favourite shorts): Nov 12th – 13, 2010. (HH, SS, SC)

Abertoir, Aberystwyth,Wales: November 10th – 14th, 2010. (HH)

Salty Horror Film Festival, Salt Lake City (Visionary Category): November 4th-7th 2010 (HH, SS, SC)

Grimm up North, Manchester: October 28th – 31st Oct, 2010. (HH)

Telluride Horror Show, Colorado: Oct 15 -17th (presented by Chris Alexander, Editor in Chief of ‘Fangoria magazine‘. (HH, SS, SC)

Sitges, Catalunya: October 7th – 17th, 2010 TBC. (HH)

Raindance Film Festival, London: September 29th – Oct 10th, 2010. (HH)

Chicago Horror Festival: September 24th – 26th, 2010 TBC. (HH)

Animacursed Rio, Brazil September 7 – 12, 2010. (HH & SS)

Blacklist Art & Film Festival, San Diego Aug 28th, , 2010. (SC)

Big Screen in the Park (Support short for ‘Sherlock Holmes’), Exeter: Aug 14th, 2010 (HH)

Salt lake City Film Festival: August 12th – 15th, 2010. (SS)

CINE, Exeter Phoenix, Exeter, UK: June 26th, 2010. (HH)

Night of the Livestock Dead!, Bike Shed Theatre,Exeter, 2010. (HH)

Cannes, Short Film Corner, France: May 17th, 2010. (HH)

A Night of Horror Sydney Australia April 15th – 23, 2010. (SS)


Digital Shorts, Arnolfini, Bristol, UK: December 16th, 2009. (HH)

Two Short Nights, Exeter, UK: November 28th, 2009. (HH)

B-Movie Fest, New York (Nominated Best Animation): November 6th – 8th, 2009. (SC)

Horror UK (28 Hours Later), Fareham (Winner Judges Award, 2 Nominations for Best animation): October 29th – Nov 1st 2009 (SC & SS)

17th Raindance Film Festival, London (Nominated Best UK Short Film): September 30th – 11th Oct, 2009. (SS)

Spacex Gallery, Exeter, UK: September 3rd 2009. (SS)

Glastonbury Festival, UK: June 24th 2009. (SS)

Fangoria Weekend of Horrors, New York: June 5th – 7th, 2009. (SC & SS)

Cannes Short Film Corner, France: May 13th – 22nd, 2009. (SC)

Best of the West, Picturehouse, Exeter, UK: February 20th, 2009. (SS)

Screen Out Loud, Animated Exeter, UK: February 15th, 2009. (SS)

Picturehouse, Exeter, UK: January 27th, 2009. (SS)

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