Reece Shearsmith and Jonathan Rigby join BORLEY RECTORY

REECE SHEARSMITH (League of Gentlemen, Psychoville, A Field in England) and JONATHAN RIGBY (English Gothic) have joined the cast of Carrion Film Production 'BORLEY RECTORY'...


Carrion Films are looking for additional funding to carry our latest animated production to completion - Would you like to help us raise a few ghosts?

Steven severin joins borley rectory

Number one Banshee and composer STEVEN SEVERIN has come on board to give voice to the ghosts of BORLEY RECTORY...
Carrion Films - Animated British horror celebrating the neglected aspects of British folklore and legend. Films include 'SCAYRECROW' (winner of the Media Innovation award 2009), 'THE SCREAMING SKULL' (winner of 'Best animation' at Sydney's 'Night of Horror' 2010 and nominated 'Best British short film' at Raindance 2009) and 'THE HAIRY HANDS' (receiver of 'The Visionary Award' at Buried Alive Atlanta 2010).
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